Best apps for parents who are traveling with kids

Journey planning and preparation for departure is always rather troublesome and difficult task that requires maximum attention. What can we say about a vacation with children to ensure their needs in a foreign place, it is important not to forget anything and everything very carefully, otherwise the vacation can turn into a solid force majeure.

Fortunately, life in the era of flourishing of information technologies has many advantages. In the presence of the smartphone, a person available countless information and consumer opportunities. To simplify the charges on the eve of departure/departure, it is enough to download a few very useful for tourist mobile apps and with a calm heart to pack a suitcase without fear of possible difficulties on arrival. KidsVisitor offers to take note of a selection of mobile apps for parents with children, which can help you in many different situations.

DISH Anywhere

Картинки по запросу DISH Anywhere app

In a long trip by car, plane or bus is always boring. Have fun with your kids watching your favorite TV shows wherever you are! With the DISH Anywhere app, you can watch the same shows as at home on your iPhone or iPod touch. Enjoy online broadcasts at any time or watch recorded videos. The application has a full-featured DVR Manager and a TV guide with search capability.

Let’s go fun and dish anywhere app download!


With a mobile app KidsVisitor you can always find the most interesting places and events for your child, even while in another city around the world.

  • A mobile Billboard will inform about the time and place of the event, cost of participation, age-limits and methods of communication with the organizers;
  • Geolocation function will point to places (cafes, theatres, swimming pools, zoos, play centers, etc.) located close to you. With this you can know the approximate distance and route as quickly as possible to get;
  • Information in the directory is divided into categories to help you find the desired locations;
  • You can also see recommendations from other parents and to share their opinions about organizations.

Android | iOS


Pack Point

How to start a successful journey? Competent and organized fees. Free PackPoint app: the list of things is intended for creation of list of needed items on the road. Using it, you will learn that you may need during the journey, taking into account the time of stay, purpose and of the weather in a selected location on the specified days as well as your manner of dress and even the availability of a washing machine.

To begin, the application must specify the place of arrival, date of departure and duration of stay. AndroidiOS


App for travel, has earned high praise of users. Tourist available with booking of hotels and homes around the world.

  • The reservation is confirmed immediately, check registers, without printouts and offline maps;
  • To book a place in the majority of cases not need a credit card;
  • You can find a hotel by name, city or nearby attractions;
  • The plurality of filters;
  • Verified reviews.

Android | iOS


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