Best friends are not forever

“Let me tell you a little story about me, and why I ultimately think that there is no real meaning to the word “forever” when it comes to best friends. For those that have been with their friends since the beginning, let me just say that you might eventually lose them. In school, we learn to become independent, we learn to work with people, and we learn that sometimes people change.”

I’ve finally come to realize why I hated my childhood and never like to talk about it. When I was in Kindergarden, a girl came in the middle of the year and instantly became my best friend. She used to come over all the time and we’d have those days where we argued a lot, like normal friends do. We went everywhere and did everything together, those were probably the most happiest times of my life. The thing that broke us apart was the problems between our parents.

Her dad loved my mother, well when I say loved I mean that he liked flirting with her A LOT because he was divorced (his wife lived on the other end of our town). My dad soon found out about it and got really angry and said that I couldn’t be around my friend or her father anymore. There was one time I think he even yanked this guy’s hair the last time he saw him. I guessed the fact that we were in different grades by then helped a lot.

So we drifted apart, didn’t speak to each other for a couple of years. She was in my class in third grade but we didn’t communicate that much. It was sort of a passing thing where we’d just see each other and say hello. One day she saw me on the swings alone and came over to tell me the news, her mother had remarried and she was moving away. I remember sighing and saying “Oh.”

That’s the last memory I have of her and I haven’t seen her since. Most of the people I went to school with, I don’t see them anymore. I’m friends with them on Facebook and MySpace, but we’re in the stage of life where we have no time for one another anymore. They’re working, I’m working, they live states apart, and I’m sitting here in my room typing this.

Many of you might be heading off to middle school and high school for the first time, this is one of those things that happens to all of us. It’s hard to deal with it yes, you don’t know why people start to think we’re uncool to hang out with anymore, but you can’t change people who aren’t willing to. Changing yourself isn’t going to lead to happiness either, moving on for now is the only solution.

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